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The Circuit

The heart of The Concours Club is the world’s most technologically advanced driving circuit. Designed and operated by experts in the industry and ideal for drivers of every skill level, the circuit offers an exciting place for members to enjoy their cars and improve their high performance driving skills.


The Concours Club provides unparalleled thrills for its members and guests including FIA-certified features and extensive safety systems. The circuit's features include:

  • 2+ Mile Driving Circuit
  • Multiple Configurations and Elevations
  • 2,100' Straightaway
  • 46'-Wide Driving Surface
  • Launch Pad for Two Vehicles
  • Award-Winning Asphalt Engineered by Renowned Pavement Expert and Designed Specifically for the Miami Climate
  • Fully Paved Asphalt Run-Off with High-Grip Coating
  • FIA-Certified Tecpro Barriers and Catch Fencing
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Along with its state-of-the-art driving course, the Club’s very own fleet of circuit-ready BMWs, which includes the latest M2CS Racing, is available to members and guests.



The Concours Club was designed to meet or exceed internationally-recognized standards and is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Digitally-marshaled flagging, virtual coaching, and a review system that allows telemetry overlaying and lap time comparison, are amongst the many features that make it one of the most technologically-advanced driving circuits in the world.

  • Digitally-Marshaled Course Combining CCTV, Electronic Flag Panels, and Timing Loops
  • Semi-Autonomous Predictive Electronic Flagging Software
  • GPX Stream Live Camera System for Real-Time Coaching
  • Advanced Software with Ability to Overlay and Compare Videos
  • Telemetry and Performance Data


Our driving circuit boasts more than 7 unique configurations. Each configuration promises its own thrills and challenges, ensuring that drivers of every skill level have the chance to push the envelope and enjoy new experiences with every visit. Swipe between the different configurations below.

  • Full_Course_White_Transparent.png
    Full Course
  • Outer_Loop_White_Transparent.png
    Outer Loop
  • North_Long_White_Transparent.png
    North Long
  • North_Short_White_Transparent (1).png
    North Short
  • North_Medium_White_Transparent.png
    North Medium
  • South_Long_White_Transparent.png
    South Long
  • South_Short_White_Transparent.png
    South Short

Professional Support


Members of The Concours Club experience support from leading industry professionals. TCC personnel includes professional coaches, an emergency response team, dedicated concierges and much more.

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  • Driving Circuit Concierge and Support
  • Professional Driving Instruction
  • Telemetry and Video Review
  • Driving Simulators
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Fleet of Performance Vehicles